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The Design Automation Department was founded in 1977 as the Department of Computer Science.

In 1993 it was renamed into the Department of Digital Design Automation. Full-time staff includes 19 people, including five Doctors and 10 Candidates of Sciences.

The Department trains students Bachelors majoring in 123 “Computer Engineering”, Ms in “Specialized Computer Systems”“Embedded Microsystem Design” (EU TEMPUS Mast Mst).

Students study in detail subjects related not only to the operation of computers and networks, but also to designing high-speed reconfigurable computer systems.

Research areas of the Department:

  • technical diagnostics of digital systems on chips, computers and networks;
  • design of brain-like and quantum computers for cyberspace;
  • intelligent IT for computer systems diagnostics.

Priority for international activity is the cooperation with European and American universities within international and European programs. The result of this work is the International Conference “East-West – Design and Diagnostics”, which involves leading scientists from 40 countries.
It organized a Summer School for young scientists, where the experts known in the field of design of electronic systems give lectures.



About us

Svetlana Chumachenko


Svetlana Chumachenko

Head of Design Automation Department, Member of EMC, Member of STC, executive Secretary of “Radioelectronics & Informatics” Journal, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


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