Кафедра автоматизації проектування обчислювальної техніки


Student feedback

In this section, you can read student reviews of the department.

Student feedbackMy name is Evgeniy, I am a 5th year student of the APVT department. The department provides a good basis for starting in IT. When I entered the university, I did not even think that in a couple of years I would already be working in the IT field and that it would bring me pleasure. APVT – about the development of hardware, which is useful to know, regardless of who you will be working in IT. The teachers will always help the student. After graduating from the undergraduate degree, I did not think about which department to go to, because I was so used to teachers. They invested in me the knowledge that I thought would not always be useful to me because web development is closer to me, but APVT helps me study related technologies. After all, who knows what I will be doing in the future. Perhaps the knowledge that has been invested here will help me to determine. There is an opportunity to study and work freely, the teachers will always support and help in this.
(Evgeniy, 5 course)


Student feedbackFirst of all, I want to say that I did not consciously choose this department, because I had a lack of knowledge of the subject area. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to develop software.
To begin with, I wanted to get the basic knowledge and skills that are provided in large quantities here. Perhaps at first, it will be quite difficult to grasp and understand all this, but literally, after a while, these skills will help you a lot when choosing a further path. Especially I would pay attention to learning C ++ and OOP, as this knowledge will greatly help you understand programming altogether and switch to another stack if you want. Also, in addition to the basics of programming, you can gain knowledge in the field of databases, testing, mobile development, etc.
If we sum up all of the above, then I can say that here the entire basic set for entering the IT sphere is provided. If you additionally engage in self-study of the specific area, then it will be quite easy to get a good job offer.
(Andrey, 5 course)


Student feedbackGreetings, I would like to share with you my impressions after studying at KNURE at the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control, and after the second year – at the Department of Design Automation. First of all, I chase this educational institution because of the good reputation of the institution, which has been tested for years, which provides the knowledge necessary to obtain a future profession. Enrolled this institution and wasn’t disappointed, everything turned out as I thought, I was given access to a good library, was given a lot of knowledge in all areas of computer engineering and programming.
Speaking of programming – in the first year there was a good course in C ++, which, although it may seem difficult for beginners, but was laid out in such a way that every student of group was able to understand and master it. This course has been expanded with knowledge of OOP and structures and algorithms. Later, languages such as C # were considered and presented, SQL and MYSQL were considered, which I continue to use in my work. Speaking of “hardware” development, languages such as VHDL, Verilog were studied, which allowed to program boards, and in combination with other subjects such as computer logic or physics to develop new projects both for themselves and for industries, which are very highly paid sphere. So I think if you love to study – this direction will help you achieve great success in life!
(Vyacheslav, 5 course)


Student feedbackWhen I entered the CEC faculty I had a very basic understanding how a computer is designed and worked. In the process of studying I was discovering something new every year. It turned out to be very valuable for me that each discipline explained to me the same topic in different ways. This allowed me to understand how hardware works at different abstraction levels. Moreover, the study of software development was not forgotten. I was impressed by the Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms courses, as they opened up a whole new dimension to programming.
And of course one of my greatest achievements during the years of study at this faculty is my first job in a large company. I am sure that without the help of teachers and studied disciplines, I would not have been able to achieve all this.
Thanks to my study here I met many like-minded students who made my life at the university even more interesting.
(Maxim, 5 course)


Student feedbackStudying at the CEC faculty allowed me to deeply learn the sphere of software development. The courses “Computer Logic” and “Computer Architecture” provided the necessary fundamental knowledge to accelerate the further study of applied disciplines. “Data Structures and Algorithms and “Object Oriented Programming” provided a solid understanding of the tools used in modern software development. And the courses “Hardware Description Languages”, “Computer Electronics” and “Microcontroller Systems” opened up the world of hardware and low-level development for me.
During my studying, I was able to get acquainted with such languages and technologies as: C++, C#, Python, C, VHDL, Verilog, AWS, SQL, Swift, computer networks, operating systems and web programming.
It was not only the teachers who contributed to my knowledge, but also the student community. Due to the diverse faculty profile, people with knowledge from embedded systems and hardware to web development and mobile applications can be found here. This helps me a lot for learning new technologies in my professional career.
(Oleksandr, 5 course)


Student feedbackFor me, the choice of a specialty was more a matter of chance than a conscious choice, because I did not know exactly what I wanted to do in the future, but after the first months of learning, I realized that it was the right choice.
This specialty provides a solid theoretical and practical basis for the vast majority of specialties in the field of CE and CS from website development to FPGA and printed circuit board design.
I paid special attention to courses on studying the C ++ language, C# and computer architecture, which gave me sufficient knowledge so I could already try to get a job at the end of the 2nd year. In terms of combining work with studying, professors are only happy to support you, and the course itself allows you to allocate time for both study and work.
Summarizing the entire course of study, I can say with confidence that this specialization is one of the best, if not the best in preparing people who want to be comprehensively developed in the fields of computer engineering and computer science, professors improve the educational process every day and regularly update their course based on modern trends which allows anyone to get the job in the field or continue their activities in the scientific field.
(Daniil, 5 course)


Student feedbackThe choise of the studiyng specialization was’t done by chance. Before the entering the university I was interested in MCU and C/C++ programming, also heard something about FPGA, but I wasn’t familiar with this thematics. During entering company the neccesary keywords were noticed and the choise was done. After the first classes I understood that the right decision had been done. The attention was paid to the cources related with C++ programming, MCU, FPGA and algorythms and data structures organizing. My working experience started at the beginning or in the middle of the second year studing. It was’t hard to combine work and studying together, in case of in-time compliting university tasks.

It was cool to complete several practical models according to my disciplines, to develop a few studying and home projects. One of them became a basement for a bachelor’s diploma project.

Summarizing all 4 years of my education I can prove that our specialization is placed on the edge of the technical progress and it’s quite actual. Our teachers are professional in their fields. The possibility of adding innovational ideas to the studying process and extending student thematics is available as well.
(Valentyn, 5 course)


Student feedbackThe teaching staff primarily determined the choice of a specialty for me. Competent teachers in such areas as OOP, STL, computer logic, microcontroller programming, FPGA. The teachers took into account the specifics of the direction and treated people working from the early courses with understanding, which greatly helped in professional development.
Creative thematic activity is encouraged, such as course group projects, home projects, and experience in the specialty of the course. I think the main advantage is the progressiveness of the educational process, which is very important for such a relevant specialty. Teachers are competent and open to student initiatives.
(Ilya, 5 course)


Student feedbackHello! I am a 5th year student, specializing in Special Computer Systems, (Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control ).
After school, I clearly understood that I wanted to go to KNURE. I attended open house days and I was very attracted to several things. The first is a positive and open atmosphere of events with a lot of demonstration installations that really showed what a particular faculty is doing. The second is a professional, responsive teaching staff, who from the first open house day made it clear what I will be doing and what we will be studying.
From the first classes I realized that I was not mistaken with the choice of the faculty. From the first year, we were given orderly knowledge by the most responsive teachers who were ready to stay with the students until 8 pm, when something was not clear to us, and they are able to competently tell us what are microcontrollers, FPGAs, structures and algorithms and algorithms are and much more. Thus, reaching out for teachers and information, at the end of the second year it was decided to continue studying in the specialty Computer Systems and, ending the first semester of the 5th year, I can say that the decision was correct
(Mariіa, 5 course)


Student feedbackI don’t regret my choice. At the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control, there is a full spectrum of a different courses: you can try yourself at hardware and software fields. This helps you to understand which career path you want to choose in the future. Or understand which direction you definitely don’t wanna go.
I chose the Design Automation Department department because when I went through a couple of courses from this department and met some teachers, I was satisfied. There are many practicing teachers at the department who are interested in teaching their subject.
I’d like to note the technical progress at the University – there are corporate email and cloud storage, free access to Wi-Fi at the University, as well as free access to many software tools that are necessary through learning (OS, IDE, office suite). All these things make learning much more comfortable. Quarantine 2020 was an example of how well the University is developing – the transition to distance learning was quick and comfortable.

(Tania , 5 course)


Student feedbackAs an applicant, I entered the first year of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE), the reason for this was my interest in the field of IT, as well as its global success and prospects. With regards to the question: “Where should I go to?”, well, my personal choice fell on the faculty of [Computer engineering and management], the department of [Design automation of Computer Technology] (APVT). Upon admission, I was more than attracted by, firstly, the prospect of a software developer, and secondly, the general development of computer and mobile devices, the second point I really considered as a pleasant addition and a useful business in my path, but software development has always been one of the main goals for me.
During the transition from the 4th year to the 5th, already in the role of a master, the choice was made in favor of: [Specialized computer systems] (SCS), namely for the sake of completing my education path and comprehensive development in my profession.

Speaking, for the first 4 courses, as a student I liked it, the curriculum was more than normal. I was especially impressed by the lectures of Professor Khakhanov. His manner of presenting information to students, for me as a student, was something out of the ordinary, and on his lessons, there was only one nuance, alas, but they always came to an end. The student’s life itself and its everyday routine will not leave my memory. I am expecting the same from the 5-6th year of my studies.
That’s all, thanks for your attention.
(Valery , 5 course)


Student feedbackI initially knew that I wanted to enter the faculty of computer engineering. So choosing a University wasn’t a problem.
Of course, the first two courses we taught General subjects, as in all other higher education institutions. But when the profile ones started, I realized even more that I didn’t make a mistake with my choice. First, very interesting items. Secondly, teachers who are able to convey complex theoretical aspects to us-students. Third, I want to delve into the study of these subjects and analyze the applicability of the theory in practice.
The specialty “specialized computer systems” provides an opportunity to gain extensive knowledge in order to be ready to learn new functions in the future and be competent in almost all areas of computer systems.
We are taught to understand programming, computer logic, hardware description languages, microcontroller systems, computer viruses and tools to fight them.
The faculty provides a good start for implementing itself in the majority of it companies aimed not only at software development, but also related to the development of computer components, cloud data storage, embedded systems and the concept of the Internet of things. In other words, there really are prospects. To study very interesting, especially in NURE!

(Vladyslav, 5 course)


Student feedbackHi, my name is Dasha, I am a 5th year student of the CADD department. When I entered the university, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do specifically in the IT field. I opted for the faculty of CEC. Here, training covers all possible areas in the field of IT and provides an opportunity to plunge into each area deeply enough. The teachers are of a very high level and are very motivating to learn and gain knowledge. Lectures, laboratory and practical exercises will definitely not let you get bored. I decided to continue my studies in the magistracy at the department of CADD, because it was the specialty of SCS that turned out to be the closest to me. In addition, I have developed excellent relations with the teachers at the CADD department, and it is a pleasure to study here. (Darya, 5 course)


Student feedbackWhen choosing a university, I did not understand what exactly I wanted to do in the IT world. And I made the right decision when applied to study at the faculty of CEC. Here, studying is not concentrated on only one area of computer science, but, on the contrary, covers all possible areas of it. Then I made my choice in favor of the CADD department. The subjects on it seemed to me the most interesting and relevant.
In addition, the teaching staff was already familiar to me from previous courses and proved to be excellent specialists not only in their subject, but in general in many areas of the IT sphere. Many of them are active employees of large companies.
They also always try to interest students and individually help to deal with the difficult moments of learning. In general, the entire bachelor’s degree was as interesting and effective as possible.
I decided to continue my studies here, having entered the specialty SCS. And even under quarantine conditions, training proceeds to the fullest without any difficulties.
(Vitalii, 5 course)


Student feedbackFrom the very first course, we already had programming subjects, which laid the foundation for the next 4 years of study at the university. For many students, this was the first step for further deepening of knowledge in programming, because there has always been an interest in these subjects. Then there was the choice of the department for further training. Having chosen the AD department, I have never regretted it. Very interesting subjects, all the teachers tried to pass on their knowledge to the students, in case of any problems they always went to a meeting and helped. In addition to programming subjects, there are also subjects for the study of computer architecture, computer networks and circuitry. Having received a bachelor’s degree, I made a decision for myself to continue my studies at the department, entered the magistracy in the specialty SCS (specialized computer systems) for further development in the computer field. (Denis, 5 course)


Student feedbackAlready 4 years have passed since I entered NURE. Having received a bachelor’s degree, I decided to acquire a master’s education at the department of Design Automation and now I am studying at the 5th year. I came to Kharkov from another point of the country, namely from the Zakarpatska region. For 4 years, I met many people, received a lot of knowledge from teachers who are professionals in their field. At the beginning of the third year, I got a job as a developer of mobile applications for the Android OS. Many will ask how to combine study and work? In NURE there is a system of free attendance of classes, that is, the student has the right to study according to an individual schedule, which he must agree with the teachers. A big plus is the fact that teachers are sympathetic to employment and are in the position of a student. I am also very grateful to the group of teachers of the Design Automation Department for the good attitude towards students, everyone will help to solve the problem, if any, and also prompt how to solve this or that problem. So, to summarize, I can say that NURE provides a lot of experience that will be useful for further employment in the field of IT technologies and I don’t regret a bit that I chose NURE and the Design Automation Department. (Serhii, 5 course)


Student feedbackI study at the faculty of CEC on SCS specialty. When choosing a specialty, I had no knowledge about software or hardware development, but I knew that it was an interesting and promising direction that would always be relevant and would give an opportunity to work with modern technologies. So I ended up at CEC, where I was able to get basic knowledge of both software and hardware development. Finding myself among like-minded people who study modern technologies and are engaged in programming, I got motivation and a desire to develop in this area, and also was able to decide on the choice of a programming field in which I would like to develop and get a job.
After the second year I had to decide on the department of education, and my choice fell on the Design Automation department. And here I continued my studies at the magistracy. I chose this particular department, since here are gathered teachers who, in my opinion, do not just do their job, but have a desire to teach students and give them a high level of knowledge, as well as have a loyalty to the students who combine study with work in the field of IT. Here, teachers try to give the most relevant knowledge. At the Design Automation department, the bias is more towards hardware development, but knowledge about software development can also be gained.
(Evgenii, 5 курс)


Student feedbackI have been studying at the AD department for 5 years and I can say that here you can get a very good basic knowledge for starting in IT technologies. I very please, that the teachers allow replacing boring tasks from the manuals with equivalent, but more interesting for the student as an individual task. This allows you to develop faster and keep interest in the specialty. I also want to note that the knowledge gained here allows you to easily study any specialty in IT technologies. For me, it was a huge plus, because since upon admission I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. Also, in addition to studying, students can also engage in scientific and technical creativity at the laboratories of the department for every taste. (Vladimir, 5 курс)


Student feedbackHi, my name is Dmytro, I am a 5th year student of the CADD department. Since high school, I knew that I wanted to get a higher education in one of many IT specialties. Difficulties arose when I had to choose the faculty and the vector of my further professional development. Doors open day at the university helped me to decide which direction to move, I choosed faculty of Computer Engineering and Control. I liked the educational program that focused not only on software development, but also on hardware.
The first 2 years of study were the most productive for me. In my first year of study, I began to get interested in mobile development for the iOS platform. Thanks to a wide range of topics, from discrete mathematics and the basics of operating systems to algorithms and various programming paradigms, at the end of my second year I was able to get my first job as an iOS engineer. Although I changed my first company long ago in favor of a larger and more interesting one for me, I continue to work and develop in this direction.
I would like to say a few more words about the CADD department. After graduating from the bachelor’s degree, I did not hesitate to continue my studies, but already in the specialty of Specialized Computer Systems. Teaching staff to whom you can turn for help or advice, even if it is not directly related to the curriculum. Or just chat informally on topics that you are interested in. The department has purchased modern equipment that can be used outside of school hours. A good example is an auditorium equipped with iMac computers. This makes it possible to add relevant and interesting subjects to the program, for example, development for mobile platforms. All these points and many others turned out to be decisive in the choice of the department and the direction of my further profeccional evolution.(Dmytro, 5 course)


Student feedbackMy name is Sergey, I am a 5th year student of the specialty SCS.
My choice was determined by the desire to try myself in programming, this topic was very interesting to me, but due to the lack of experience in this craft, I could not determine for myself which branch in engineering I should choose: software or hardware engineering. Here I found that CEC provides me with exactly this – the opportunity to gain knowledge in these two directions and decide how to move on.
The most decisive for me were the first 2 years of study. My path from the basics of programming and Boolean algebra to the paradigm of algorithmic thinking and the design of complex hardware systems was expected to be successful thanks to the professionalism of the teachers of the APVT department and the freshness of the information they share with students. At the beginning of the 3rd year, already being a student of the APVT department of the SCS specialty, I got carried away by web development, which to this day brings me pleasure and the opportunity for professional and career growth. The tolerance of the department and its teaching staff towards students and their choice of activities that allows me to feel very comfortable doing software engineering as my main activity, and makes it possible to study and get involved in the development of hardware as a favorite thing.
As a student of the APVT department and looking back at 4 years of bachelor’s degree, I did not even think of another alternative, except to become a student of this department again, but already a master’s student. Ease of communication and understanding of teachers, tolerance, their high-quality knowledge in the areas of software and hardware engineering, and what is important – relevant knowledge – are these the main points that definitely influenced my choice.(Sergey, 5 course)