Department of computer engineering design automation


Bionic Hand Prototype Based on Microcontroller Allwinner H3 and Real-Time System RTIC

The defense of bachelor’s theses focused on the needs of society, inclusion to achieve sustainable development goals – “Prototype of a bionic arm based on the Allwinner H3 microcontroller and RTIC real-time system”.

Author – Primerov Maksym Viktorovych, gr. KIUKI-19-8.
Supervisor – Assoc. prof. Rakhlis D.Y.
The aim of the diploma is to develop a cheap but highly effective prototype of a bionic hand prosthesis. The main element of the prototype is the Allwinner H3 microcontroller, which serves as the main computing unit. To control the prosthesis, an AD8232 cardiograph is used, which allows you to monitor muscle activity and make a decision with the hands of the prosthesis or not with the help of the Micro Servo MG90 Tower PRO servo drive. Special attention is paid to evaluating the capabilities of Allwinner H3, RTIC, Micro Servo MG90 Tower PRO and AD8232 in the context of bionic prostheses. The project uses 3D printing technology to manufacture prosthetic components. This not only reduces the cost of production, but also provides a high level of customization, which is important for the comfort and functionality of the prosthesis.