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Automated Household Waste Disposal System Based on Arduino

The defense of the bachelor’s thesis focused on the needs of society, preservation of the environment to achieve the goals of sustainable development – “Automated Household Waste Disposal System Based on Arduino”
Author – Podvorny Volodymyr Tarasovych, gr. KIUKI-19-7
Supervisor – Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior lecturer. Rozhnova T.G.
In the course of writing the qualification work were considered in detail the system of automatic disposal of household waste, which is used in the in the modern world, in particular in everyday life. The automatic container uses motion or proximity sensors to to detect the presence of a user, which allows it to automatically open and closing the lid of the container without contact. This has a great advantage in terms of hygiene, as there is no need to touch the lid with your hands, which reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and germs. It illustrates the importance of innovation in everyday life and reminds us how even small improvements can bring great added value to our our home environment. Thanks to the automatic bin, we can conveniently and efficiently manage our waste, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and our families. The classical scheme of the automatic household waste disposal system is considered. The software implementation was performed in the programming language ARDUINO C. Using Arduino Nano, SG 90 servo drive, HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor, and a battery compartment, a device capable of opening a device was developed that can open the lid when the palm of your hand approaches. An experimental study of the developed device was conducted. Based on the technical specifications, in the form of full functionality, an algorithm for the operation of this device was developed and the hardware and and software parts were tested.