Кафедра автоматизації проектування обчислювальної техніки



Associate Professor of Department of Computer Aided Design of Computers, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Education and Career

1989 – graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), specialty “Information-measuring equipment” electrical engineer.

From 1993 to 1996 she was a post graduate student of the Kharkiv Technical University of Radioelectronics (KTURE).

1998 – Ph.D. Thesis defended at the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. (KNURE), specialty 05.13.12 “CAD”.

1999 – 2005 – Assistant Professor of  Occupational Safety Department KNURE

2005 – 2009 – Associate Professor of of  Occupational Safety Department KNURE

She works at the Design Automation Department (DAD) of the KTURE since 2009.

She works on the position of the associate professor of the DAD of the KNURE since 2009 up to the present. (KNURE).

Educational activity

Teaches courses:

  • «Сomputer automatic control systems»,
  • «Specialized algorithms and architectures»,
  • «Microelectromechanical systems»,
  • «Design for specialized architectures of computer systems».

Researcher activity

Research interests: Design of specialized digital devices for computer systems, specialized functional modules of pulse transformations in computer automatic control systems.

International activity / participation in international projects

Tempus project “Development for new Specialization”, “Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design”: professional staff training, Lodz University of Technology, Poland, “Microsystem design technologies”, 2016.

Publications and patents

37 scientific and 6 training.