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Smart glasses to save your eyesight while reading

The defense of the bachelor’s thesis focused on the needs of society to achieve the goals of sustainable development – “Smart glasses for preserving vision while reading” – took place.Author – Kulak Georgii Konstantinovich, gr. KIUKI-18-7
Supervisor – Assoc. Miroshnyk A.M.
A device has been developed to track the distance from the eyes to the object of reading and timely transmission of information to the user to prevent strain on  the lens of the eye and the further development of myopia or other visual impairments. The device consists of two components: goggles for measuring distance and transmitting information and a bracelet for notifying the user about the violation of the safe distance between the glasses there reading object. The components are connected wirelessly, using RF technology. The device was patented as a utility model for the Google Glass patent in the Ukrainian patent database under number 132857.