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Microcontroller Detector of Dust Presence in Air

The defense of the bachelor’s thesis, which is focused on the needs of society to achieve the goals of sustainable development, “Microcontroller Detector of Dust Presence in Air”, took placeAuthor – Banul Vladyslav Viktorovych, gr. KIUKI-19-7
Supervisor – Assoc. Miroshnyk A.M.
It is impossible to get rid of dust, but it is possible to control its level in the in the air. For this purpose, a prototype of an automated dust detector based on a microcontroller and several sensors was developed. based on a microcontroller and several sensors. The developed system can can be used for its intended purpose at enterprises, in office buildings and buildings and homes. The system is fully automated, has a modular structure and does not require a large amount of time and budget for implementation. The air analysis subsystem is implemented using several sensors, that respond to the presence of various types of dust particles in the air. The main controller, which manages the entire system, is implemented using the Arduino UNO board based on the AVR ATmega328P microcontroller. The program The system control algorithm was implemented in the C++ programming language in the Arduino IDE development environment. Modeling of the developed device The control was performed on a prototype of the device.