Department of computer engineering design automation


Basic video course “PYTHON Programming Language” by Volodymyr Obrizan, PhD student of Design Automation Department

There is a playlist on YouTube with 32 videos(30 hours).


— introduction to programming
— introduction to the Python language
— turtle graphics
— lexical items
— types, data models, expressions
— variables, references, RAM
— type annotations, type checking
— flow control statements (if/then/else/while/continue/break)
— function declaration
— object-oriented programming (OOP)
— dataclasses
— errors, exceptions
— modules and packages, standard library
— unit testing, unittest packages, pytest

In addition to the theory there are analysis of a dozen programming problems.

Author and lecturer: Vladimir Igorevich Obrizan, Candidate of Sciences, First Institute of Reliable Software CEO

Link to the playlist: