Department of computer engineering design automation


Automated elevator control systems in multi-storey buildings

The defense of the bachelor’s thesis, which is focused on the needs of society as part of the university’s achievement of sustainable development goals, “Automated Elevator Control Systems in Multi-Storey Buildings”, took place.
Author – Artem I. Kuryanov, gr. KIUKI-18-8.
Supervisor – Assoc. Miroshnyk A.M.
Developed a prototype of an automated elevator control system based on a microcontroller. The designed system can be used for the implementation of the elevator in high-rise buildings, business and shopping centers, hospitals and more. The system is fully automated, has a modular structure and does not require a lot of hours and budget to implement. The subsystem for processing calls and orders from the user is implemented using a matrix keyboard 4×4. The main controller is implemented using an Arduino UNO board based on the ATmega328 microcontroller. The elevator position display subsystem is implemented using a display based on an LED matrix. The software implementation of the system control algorithm is carried out in the C ++ programming language in the Arduino IDE development environment. Simulation of the developed control device was performed on a mock-up of the device.