Department of computer engineering design automation


A series of webinars from Clarivate continues in February

Topics for discussion: open access, patent data in the Derwent Innovation Index on the Web of Science platform, and determining leaders from the Web of Science Core Collection data.

February 10 16:15–17:15

Topic: 20 years of the Budapest Open Access Initiative: How the publishing landscape has changed.



February 17 10:00-12:00

General webinar Clarivate and Antiplagiarism.

Effective tools for working with scientific journals.


Valentin G. Bogorov, Clarivate.

Yuri Viktorovich Chekhovich, Ph.D. physics and mathematics Sciences, Anti-plagiarism.



February 23 10:15–11:15

Topic: Derwent Innovation Index: additional opportunities for scientific research.

At the webinar, we will discuss patent data available in Web of Science and other Clarivate solutions.



February 24 10:15–11:15

Topic: Research Smarter: Identify Experts with Web of Science Data.

At the webinar, we will focus on the achievements of scientists according to the Web of Science Core Collection. Overview the applications, features and functions of Publons and Orcid.